0 EHF FINAL4 debutants, 3 Spanish coaches, 6,884 goals

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Eight more matches and the participants of the EHF FINAL4 Men 2022 will be confirmed. The EHF Champions League Men 2021/22 is heading into its quarter-finals as eight teams are approaching one common goal: qualifying for Cologne.

Here are interesting stats and numbers from after the play-offs.

0 teams have won the EHF FINAL4 in consecutive years since the event was implemented in the 2009/10 season.

0 teams won both play-off matches; three of the eight matches ended in a draw.

0 quarter-finals are national derbies, although Germany and France still have two teams in the competition.

0 teams in the quarter-finals have not played at an EHF FINAL4 before.

1 former CL winner failed in the play-offs: Vardar, winner in 2017 and 2019, lost to Veszprém.

1 EHF FINAL4 was played without a team from either Germany or Spain: in 2018, when three French teams (Montpellier, Nantes, PSG) and one Macedonian (Vardar) were the participants.

2 group winners and two runners-ups advanced to the quarter-finals directly after the group phase: Aalborg and Kiel from group A, Kielce and Barça from group B.

3 quarter-finalists are led by a Spanish coach: PSG (Raul Gonzalez), Kielce (Talant Dujshebaev), and Barça (Carlos Ortega).

3 times only in 12 years, the EHF FINAL4 winners have made it to Cologne again the following year: Barcelona in 2012, Kiel in 2013, and Vardar in 2018; Barça could match the feat this season.

3 play-off matches ended in a draw: Elverum vs PSG and Porto vs Montpellier in the first leg, Veszprém vs Vardar in the second leg.

3 goals was the smallest overall winning margin in the play-offs: Flensburg vs Szeged 60:57

3 men have won the CL as player and as coach, and two of them can win it again this year: Talant Dujshebaev (now Kielce coach), Filip Jicha (Kiel), and Roberto Parrondo.

3 participants of the EHF FINAL4 2021 can still qualify for this season’s final tournament: Barça, Aalborg, and PSG; the fourth team, Nantes, have been playing in the EHF European League this season.

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4 coaches of the quarter-finalists have win the CL as coach before: Talant Dujshebaev (Kielce – won with Ciudad Real and Kielce), Patrice Canayer (Montpellier – won with Montpellier), Raul Gonzalez (PSG – won with Vardar) and Filip Jicha (Kiel – won with Kiel).

4 group matches ended with a winning margin of 10 or more goals, but none of the play-off matches.

4 coaches of the quarter-finalists have won the CL as player before: Momir Ilic (coach at Veszprém) and Filip Jicha (Kiel) won the trophy together at Kiel in 2010 and 2012; Barça coach Carlos Ortega (Barça) won six trophies with Barcelona, and Talant Dujshebaev (Kielce) once with Santander.

4 players van win their fourth CL title this season: Aitor Arino, Gonzalo Perez de Vargas (both Barça), Aron Palmarsson (Aalborg), and Nikola Karabatic (PSG).

5 CL champions with 16 titles in total are part of the quarter-finals: Barça (9), Kiel (3), Montpellier (2), Flensburg, and Kielce (both 1).

6 countries (same as in 2021) are represented in the quarter-finals: Germany, France (each two teams), Spain, Hungary, Denmark, and Poland.

6 countries are represented by the 28 CL winners so far: Spain (15 titles), Germany (7), France, North Macedonia (both 2), Poland and Slovenia (both 1).

8 goals marked the biggest winning margin in the quarter-finals – remarkably in two ties that included a draw in the other leg: Montpellier vs Porto (64:56) and Veszprém vs Vardar (61:53).

9 titles (1995-2000, 2011, 2015, 2021) make Barça the record champions in the CL; Kiel have won four titles (2007, 2010, 2012, 2020); Montpellier two (2003, 2018).

9 different Spanish coaches have won the CL 18 times in total: Valero Rivera (5), Talant Dujshebaev (4), and Xavi Pascual (3) did it more than once.

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10 of the 12 past winners of the EHF FINAL4 are still in the race this season; the only exceptions are Hamburg (champions in 2013) and Vardar (2017, 2019).

15 matches so far this CL season ended in a draw: 12 in the group phase, 3 in the play-offs.

15 goals was the biggest winning margin in the group phase (Veszprém vs Bucharest 47:32).

19 was the lowest number of goals by a team in a CL match this season, when Zagreb lost 20:19 against Vardar; in the play-offs 21 was the lowest number, when Szeged lost 25:21 against Flensburg.

20 matches – an all-time record – has Aron Palmarsson played at various EHF FINAL4 events for Kiel, Veszprém and Barça; he can make it again this year, with Aalborg.

22 times have both Kiel and Barça reached (at least) the CL quarter-finals; Veszprém play their 20th quarter-final, Flensburg their 14th, PSG ninth, Montpellier eighth, Kielce fifth, and Aalborg second.

31 times this season the away team won a CL match; one time in the play-offs: Vardar vs Veszprém 22:30.

39 was the lowest number of goals in a CL match this season: Vardar vs Zagreb 20:19; the second-lowest number was 45 and happened in the reverse fixture: Zagreb vs Vardar 23:22; the lowest number in the play-offs was 46: Flensburg vs Szeged 25:21.

58 matches ended with 60 or more goals scored, including five matches in the play-offs.

69 times in a CL match this season the home team won, including four times in the play-offs.

79 was the highest number of goals in a CL match this season: Veszprém vs Dinamo 47:32 and PSG vs Veszprém 39:40; 71 was the highest number in the play-offs: Szeged vs Flensburg 36:35.

81 goals make Felix Claar (Aalborg) and Tobias Grøndahl (Elverum) the joint top scorers of the CL after the play-offs; next are Dika Mem (Barça), Petar Nenadic (Veszprém) and Raul Campos Nantes (Dinamo) with 78 goals each.

263 wins in 346 CL matches (plus 22 draws and 61 defeats) give Barça the lead in the all-time standings.

478 goals were scored in the eight play-off matches, an average of 59.75 goals per match.

6,884 goals have been scored so far this season.

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Top 3s EHF Champions League Men 2021/22 after the play-offs

Most goals:

79 – Veszprém vs Bucharest 47:32 (GP), PSG vs Veszprém 39:40 (GP)
72 – PSG vs Motor 40:32 (GP), Kielce vs Porto 39:32 (GP)
71 – Szeged vs Flensburg (PO), PSG vs Dinamo 41:30 (GP), Kielce vs PSG 38:33 (GP)

Fewest goals:

39 – Vardar vs Zagreb 20:19 (GP
45 – Zagreb vs Vardar 23:22 (GP)
46 – Flensburg vs Szeged 25:21 (PO), Flensburg vs Barca 21:25 (GP)

Biggest winning margin:

15 goals – Veszprém vs Dinamo 47:32 (GP)
14 goals – PSG vs Porto 33:19 (GP)
11 goals – PSG vs Dinamo 41:30 (GP)

Top scorers:

81 goals – Felix Claar (Aalborg), Tobias Grøndahl (Elverum)
78 goals – Dika Mem (Barça), Petar Nenadic (Veszprém), Raul Campos Nantes (Dinamo)
75 goals – six players

Top scorers still in competition:

81 goals – Felix Claar (Aalborg)
78 goals – Dika Mem (Barça), Petar Nenadic (Veszprém)
75 goals – Mikkel Hansen (PSG), Aleix Goméz (Barça), Hampus Wanne (Flensburg)

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