SUMMARY: Göppingen beat reigning champions; Valur pick up second win

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The EHF European League Men 2022/23 went into round 2 with 12 matches being played on Tuesday 1 November 2022.


We will leave you with the best pictures from tonight's action, the photographers were really on the ball tonight; some super shots in there. 

Good night and we will see you for the next round!


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Montpellier HB 41:30 TATRAN Presov 
RK Nexe 37:23 Balatonfüredi KSE 
Füchse Berlin 34:29 Bidasoa Irun 
Alpla HC Hard 27:32 Skjern Handbold 
TM Benidorm 29:32 Valur 
Aguas Santas Milaneza 27:29 HC Eurofarm Pelister 


And that's all she wrote. What a game of handball! You could watch those two teams play every day, very well matched and two great styles of handball. 

In the end, Valur had more ideas from the backcourt and Benidorm found it tougher to break down that tough Icelandic defence. 

That's two from two for Valur now and they celebrated like they have won a cup, great to see it! 


THAT save from the first half... 


Just when you think it is over we back within one, the game the keeps giving. Benidorm 28:29 Valur. 

Calle Redondo with two quick ones for Benidorm. 


Baldursson of Valur sees red for his high tackle on Ivan Rodriguez Martinez. 


Robert Hostert scores such an important goal. Benidorm mounted a 3:1 run and pulled it back to 28:26 with five minutes to play. And he launches up the court to silence the crowd with a huge jump shot. 


Benedikt Gunnar Oskarsson who has been centreback for Valur, has been a bit hit and miss when it came to shooting (3/7) but his playmaking has been a serious headache for the Spanish outfit. Huge energy, zipping everywhere and goes all in one vs one. And he is only 20 years old. One to keep an eye on. 


An open-net goal for Valur and Benidorm are starting to stretch themselves in the chase. 26:23 and Valur are looking like picking up their second win of the campaign. 


You wouldn't wanna be playing against this Valur defense tonight, they are putting in some big hits and Benidorm aren't letting it affect them. Benidorm are still going for this super high-pressure 3-3 style defence, forcing Valur to start their plays from really far out. 


Benidorm are back within one and Füchse only leading by one, you gotta love the European League! 


Valur are starting to flex! They are opening up Benidorm a little but easier now than in the previous 40minutes. And one person who is starting to see more of the ball is Tjorvi Tyr Gislason on the line, netting twice in the last few mins. 


Skjern mean business in the second half, they come out after the break and have gone on a 3:1 run with two goals from Petterson. Now, this will be a big test for Hard to see if can they weather this storm and mount their won run. 



Montpellier HB 10:14 TATRAN Presov 
RK Nexe 18:10 Balatonfüredi KSE 
Füchse Berlin 18:15 Bidasoa Irun 
Alpla HC Hard 15:15 Skjern Handbold 
TM Benidorm 12:12 Valur 
Aguas Santas Milaneza 12:15 HC Eurofarm Pelister 


This is electric stuff in Spain, Benidorm and Valur are not here to make friends. Both teams have a similar enough style of great one vs one handball with super dynamic players. It isn't one to miss. We are all level at the break 12:12. 


Björgvin Pall Gustavsson in the Valur goal has just made one of the craziest saves you'll see. He makes the save and the ball goes up over his head with some wicked spin on it and heads towards the goal, the Icelandic legend launches himself to swipe the ball off the post to keep it out... that's one for the highlight reel for sure. 


Go on in Spain! We are back level 10:10 and Benidorm are playing an old school almost 3-3 type defence. Rock and roll type of handball. Making for some great exchanges in attack and defence. 


And check this out: Hard from Austria are sticking to Skjern at home and are up by one goal 11:10 with Ivan Horvat being best in front of goal for Hard (4/5). 


Valur are in the European League and they are not here to merely take part. After picking up their first win last week with a dominant performance over FTC, they are now in Spain to face Benidorm and are 9:6 up. You gotta love the match of teams for this year's competition. 


Marsenic and Drux are leading the charge for the foxes with them netting five between them in the opening minutes in Berlin. Füchse 8:5 Irun


The action is underway. We will be keeping a close eye on Füchse Berlin vs Bidasoa Irun, and see how the foxes fair without their Danish superstar, Mathias Gidsel who is injured since Denmark vs Sweden.


The action doesn't stop now, we have a whole load more action coming up at 20:45 (CEST): 

Montpellier HB vs TATRAN Presov 
RK Nexe vs Balatonfüredi KSE 
Füchse Berlin vs Bidasoa Irun 
Alpla HC Hard vs Skjern Handbold 
TM Benidorm vs Valur 
Aguas Santas Milaneza vs HC Eurofarm Pelister 

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FTC 37:34 Ystads IF HF
Fraikin BM. Granollers 34:29 Sporting CP
HC Motor 31:37 Skanderborg Aarhus 
SG Flensburg 30:25 PAUC Handball
Benfica 27:31 Frisch Auf Göppingen


Huge lessons learned for Benfica tonight. But all praise needs to go to Göppingen who showed some real resolve and character in not letting this home side get back into the game. That is a huge statement coming to the reigning champions and with that crowd and keeping them at bay for the full 60 minutes. Big shout out to Marcel Schiller with nine goals and Goller with six were two stand-out names also in terms of the pressure they provided regarding turnovers, Daniel Rebmann in the goal only has nine saves to his name, by no means a bad performance but the saves did feel like big moments. 


Ole Ramel has been big in the latter parts of this second half, they needed someone experienced to step up and he has done just that. The German winger has netted four in the last 10 minutes. But Göppingen and Marcel Schiller (9/9!) have different ideas, they took that lead early in the game and time and time again go about maintaining that five-goal cushion, just as it looks like Benfica are coming back into it they are able to put their foot down once again. Goller scores to make it 30:25 to the German side.


Chema Rodríguez must be so proud, this goal is a carbon copy of his basketball playing style... 


Benfica are losing their heads a bit here. Two missed shots from Djodjic and Izquierdo Labayen and followed by a turnover into the hands of Goller - timeout called. Time to regroup and for the experienced heads to step up. 


HUGE MOMENT in Portugal! Benfica had a chance to pull the gap back to within two after being awarded a seven-meter throw and Daniel Rebmann in the Göppingen goal stood strong to deny Petar Djordjic! What an important save that could be! 


No words. 


The old boy still has it, great to see... Ystad just behind by one at the break in Hungary.


Half-time scores:

FTC 19:18 Ystads IF HF
Fraikin BM. Granollers 17:12 Sporting CP
HC Motor 16:21 Skanderborg Aarhus 
SG Flensburg 15:12 PAUC Handball
Benfica 11:16 Frisch Auf Göppingen


Last week SG were slow off the mark in their opening game of the season, this time around they aren't letting that happen. They lead 15:12 at home to PAUC Handball. Emil Jacobsen is in flying form with the Dane netting all of his chances, he's 5 from 5. 


That slow start is really killing Benfica, Göppingen aren't giving them an inch for that comeback. Young Axel Goller has been strong with two turnovers and four goals for the German side. 

German international Daniel Rebmann just had the save of the game, one on one with Bingo (can't think of a good pun) and read his shot all the way, getting down low to reject the Benfica 35-year-old. 


Tadej Kljun for Benfica looking sharp! He is causing the left-hand side of defence trouble and just snatched a nice turnover to net his 3rd of the evening! Benfica 6:11 Göppingen.


Ohhh poor from Marcel Schiller! He not only did he keep his distance on Tadej Kljun when he came in for a very basic run, he totally stood off him and just let him run through; either it was a lapse of concentration or a total miscommunication. But you can't give easy goals like that away when you want to keep that cushion. Benfica 4:8 Göppingen. 


Göppingen off to a flying start away in Portugal! They ran up a 5:0 lead after coming flying out of the gates; this was helped by some poor shooting from Benfica. But the hosts have since settled and Adam Juhasz and hotshot Petar Djordjic netting to calm nerves. Benfica 2:7 Göppingen.


For the blog, we will be keeping a close eye on all of the games but the Benfica vs Göppingen clash is one that we cannot miss so we will have our main focus on that closely followed by SG vs PAUC!


Up now at 18:45 (CEST) we have: 

FTC vs Ystads IF HF
Fraikin BM. Granollers vs Sporting CP
HC Motor vs Skanderborg Aarhus 
SG Flensburg vs PAUC Handball
Benfica vs Frisch Auf Göppingen

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FULL-TIME: Fejer B.A.L Veszprem 25:33 Kadetten Schaffhausen

The headline of this game should be "Kadetten keeper steals the show"; with 18 saves the Spanish Ignacio Biosca Garcia was the cornerstone of this win for Kadetten. This is closely followed by 10 goals from Odinn Thor Rikhardsson who didn't miss a single shot (with seven shots from the spot). So full points for the Swiss side as they return home with their first win of the season and it is 0:2 for the Hungarian European League newcomers before they head to Portugal next round for their tie against reigning champions Benfica. 


A save you need to put on a postcard and send to everyone you know... 


The hosts have shown real determination to stay in this tie, looking outclassed in most parts of the court, Fejer B.A.L Veszprem have dug deep via Szmentan and Eles (four goals each) to stay within touching distance. It currently stands Fejer B.A.L Veszprem 18:23 Kadetten Schaffhausen.


HALF-TIME: Fejer B.A.L Veszprem 11:16 Kadetten Schaffhausen


Levente Hari of Vespzrem sees red after he connects with Ignacio Biosca Garcia in the face with the ball from the penalty spot. 


The most frustrating shot for a keeper... 


Ignacio Biosca Garcia in the Kadetten goal is bossing the opening half, he is on five saves from 14 shots (41%). It's a huge headache for the Hungarian side. In an attempt to quell this issue, they have called a timeout!


Some wild stuff here in the opening minutes. Both teams really are throwing themselves into each attack but Kadetten's final product is better and are having an easier time breaking down the Fejer's defence.


We are live on EHFTV for Fejer B.A.L Veszprem vs Kadetten Schaffhausen! Join us now and see if the Hungarian side can cause an upset


If you're wondering what tonight promises to bring, read our preview to see who is aiming for their second win, and who is aiming to get off the mark. 


Before we get started tonight, why not go back a week and catch up on all the action from seven days ago. 


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