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Flawless second half lifts Poland past Switzerland

EHF / Adrian Costeiu

Boasting 15 players who scored at least one goal, Poland relied on the strength of their team rather than on individuals to secure their second win in a row in the Qualification Phase 2 of the EHF EURO 2022, 31:22, against Switzerland.


Switzerland vs Poland 22:31 (13:15)

  • a young Swiss side, featuring 16-year-old right wing Mia Emmenegger and 18-year-old line player Tabea Schmid, had a strong first half, as the Polish side could not open a gap larger than two goals
  • Poland’s 8:2 run to start the second half was enough to help them seal the second win in a row in Group 1, tying Russia on four points
  • the Polish side won their first two matches in the Qualification Phase 2 of the EHF EURO for the fourth time in a row, securing a place in the final tournament each time
  • Poland’s right wing Monika Kobylinska, was the team’s top scorer, with five goals, followed by another experienced player, back Kinga Achruk, who scored four times
  • all Polish players, except goalkeeper Adriana Placzek, scored at least one goal in the game, including goalkeeper Weronika Gawlik

Young Swiss side looks to be on the rise

For a team that has never qualified for the final tournament EHF EURO, Switzerland definitely look to be making the right steps towards that goal, despite their today’s collapse in the second half. Boasting one of the youngest teams in the Qualification Phase 2, with an average age of 21.75 years old, the Swiss side conceded two losses against Russia, 22:26, and Poland, 22:31

They will face a doubleheader against Lithuania in March 2022, with the clear aim of winning both games, trying to improve on their performances in the previous years, when they only won one game in the Qualification Phases for the EHF EURO 2016 and EHF EURO 2018.

Switzerland will also co-host the EHF EURO 2024, alongside Hungary and Austria, trying to build a strong team for their first-ever EHF EURO.

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