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Hungary earn second straight win

EHF / Sergey Nikolaev

Just like Spain, Hungary in group 5 have the maximum four points after two matches. After beating Portugal on Wednesday, Vladimir Golovin's team proved too strong also for Slovakia, winning 30:28.


Slovakia vs Hungary 28:30 (14:13)

  • Simona Szarkova, Nikoleta Trunkova and Reka Bizik combined for 12 of 14 Slovakia's goals before the break, powering the home side to a one-goal lead
  • between minutes 38 and 42, Hungary used a 4:0 run to pull clear at 21:17, and they never gave up the lead after that
  • Slovakia's Szarkova finished the match with a 100 per cent efficiency, with ten goals from 10 shots
  • Viktoria Lukacs became Hungary's top scorer, netting six times
  • it was the 11th meeting of the teams in history, and Hungary claimed their seventh win

Hungary have more depth

While Szarkova and Trunkova combined for almost two-third of Slovakia's goals (18), Hungary's 30 goals were more evenly distributed among the players.

On Sunday ten Hungarians managed to put their names on the scoresheet, and a stronger depth in the squad was certainly among the factors that helped them to get a cutting edge in the second half and ultimately cruise to a victory.

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