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“Beach Handball for Beginners” book launches

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The European Handball Federation has launched a new book in co-operation with its authors and publisher Springer Spektrum that aims to provide newcomers with a comprehensive introduction to beach handball.

Although beach handball has grown substantially since the end of the 20th century, "Beach Handball for Beginners" is the first English language book that uses a holistic teaching approach to demonstrate the advantages of the sport for beginners.

"Beach Handball for Beginners," written by EHF Expert for Beach Handball Alexander Gehrer, Dr. Frowin Fasold and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Klatt, also provides tips for coaches on how to organise training and teaching sessions for beach handball. The photos included in the book assist with putting the theory behind beach handball into practice.

Author Alexander Gehrer believes that the book can help beach handball newcomers to unlock the benefits of the sport. 

He said: "We are happy and proud to have published the first comprehensive English language book on 'Beach handball for Beginners'. In particular, when it comes to junior athletes and beginners, beach handball offers so much potential. With the simplified rules of mini handball and ‘Ultimate Beach Handball’, you can learn and apply the basics of handball very quickly and with a lot of fun."

"Beach Handball for Beginners" can be purchased online from German publisher Springer Spektrum here. National federations wishing to purchase the book can contact Tobia Pisani at the EHF's beach handball department.

About the authors

Alexander Gehrer is one of the pioneers of beach handball at national and international level. In the past two decades, he has been the national coach for Germany, a beach handball delegate for the EHF and IHF, and part of the IHF beach handball working group.

Dr. Frowin Fasold is a sports scientist and coach with extensive experience in indoor and beach handball. He is the head of handball-related studies and teaching at the German Sport University Cologne and has published several works on team sports.

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Klatt is the head of the Department of Cognitive and Team/Racket Sport Research at the German Sport University Cologne. She has conducted several projects focusing on a variety of themes including beach handball players and referees.

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