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Flash quotes: match day 10

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Post-match statements on the 10th day of the Men's EHF EURO 2022 in Hungary and Slovakia.


Poland vs Russia
Germany vs Sweden
Spain vs Norway


Poland vs Russia

Bratislava, 23 January – Quotes from Poland coach Patryk Rombel (POL), left back Piotr Chrapkowski (POL) and right wing Michal Daszek (POL), and Russia coach Velimir Petkovic (GER), left back Daniil Shishkarev (RUS) and right wing Dmitry Kornev (RUS) after Poland drew 29:29 with Russia in main round group II in Bratislava on Sunday.

Patryk Rombel (POL) – coach

On the match:

“It was a hard and tough game for both sides, we lost the victory under strange circumstances with the last Russian goal. The draw is a fair result for both sides. The most important thing for me was that we came back from the hard times in the last two games. We had the heads up, played strong in defence and we came back as there was a lot of pressure on us. We showed we can play level matches with good teams.”

Piotr Chrapkowski (POL) – left back

On the match:

“Both teams fought until the very end, in a tough and equal match in which the lead changed constantly. We were very happy until three seconds before the end, then [Sergei Mark] Kosorotov hammered this goal from 17 metres, so now we are disappointed, but the draw was deserved.

“In general, we played well, but it was not enough for the first victory. But I am happy that we came back after the two weak matches before.”

On the final main round match against Spain:

“We aim for two points, but we know that we face the defending champions. I hope the match against Russia was good for our confidence.”

Michal Daszek (POL) – right wing

On the match:

“It was a constant up and down, and in the end, we were really unlucky. We would have deserved to win, but in the end, [Sergei Mark] Kosorotov hammered for the draw. In general, we played well except for the start. Now we hope for a good finish against Spain.”

Velimir Petkovic (GER) – coach

On the match:

“It is hard to summarise it in few words, it was a very tough game on a very high level of energy. Our start with the 3:0 was well, then we had problems with the second goalkeeper of Poland, who did very good saves. We allowed Poland to lead at the break. But finally this team showed more character than any Russian national team did in the last years. I am very proud.”

On his red card and decisions by the referees and delegates:

“After the last match, I had praised the referees, this time I cannot. I would like to know from EHF, how and to whom coaches can complain, if they we do not feel happy with decisions. Anything we say, referees and delegates can punish us with suspensions and red cards. We coaches have no chance to complain.

“For example, the decision not to give two goals of us were right, but the third nullified goal was a mistake. Also, the two Polish line players could do whatever they want and did not get punished, on the other side, our player was punished for exactly the same action.

“When I received the red card – by the delegate’s decision, not the referees – I had just stepped on the line of the coaching zone, when the ball was on the opposite side of the court. Finally, the delegate decided the game. When something like this happens, we coaches can lose our jobs, the delegate will never lose his job.”

On the match against Germany:

“I am really looking forward to this match against Germany and my friend Alfred Gislason. We have a chance to win, it will be a great game.”

Dmitry Kornev (RUS) - right wing

On the match:

“I have mixed feeling after this tough and difficult game. It was difficult to play against Poland, but we did not only have to play against a strong opponent but also against the referees. We fought until the last moment, we have to be happy with the draw.”

Daniil Shishkarev (RUS) – left back

On the match:

“We started well, but when Poland changed their goalkeeper, we had big problems. We can be satisfied with this one point, thanks to our great finish and this crazy goal of [Sergei Mark] Kosorotov. This was our only chance to score, and he did it.”

On the final main round match against Germany:

“Germany have even more problems with Covid than our team. First we rest, then we prepare, and finally we are out for our first main round victory. We will fight hard.”


Germany vs Sweden 21:25

Bratislava, 23 January – Quotes from Sweden coach Glenn Solberg (NOR), line player Fredric Pettersson (SWE), centre back Jonathan Carlsbogard  (SWE) and goalkeeper Andreas Palicka (SWE), and Germany coach Alfred Gislason (ISL), right wing Lukas Zerbe (GER),  left back Lukas Stutzke (GER) and goalkeeper Johannes Bitter (GER) after Sweden beat Germany 25:21 in main round group II in Bratislava on Sunday.

Glenn Solberg (NOR) – coach

On the match:

“We are very happy with the win, we played fantastic in defence in the whole match, but we had some time in the second half when we had problems in attack. Overall, I am happy with the game."

On facing his Norwegian compatriots in the crucial match for the semi-final:

“Of course it will be very special. I am from Norway, I worked together with Christian [Berge, coach], and it is a bit special. But when the match starts, it is the normal game. We do everything we can to go to the semi-final.”

Jonathan Carlsbogard (SWE) – centre back

On the match:

“It was not a match on the highest level, both sides caused many mistakes. In the final stage, we could reduce the number of our errors and our goalkeeper Andreas Palicka had some exceptional saves. Overall, the width of our squad decided the match, as we could constantly change without losing the quality. Therefore, our players were fitter in the end.”

On winning all three main round matches so far:

“We are very confident now, every win increases the confidence, and maybe this was also a factor against Germany. Because when you have a run of wins, it is easier to play. I hope that we will have the same confidence in the duel against Norway.”

Andreas Palicka (SWE) – goalkeeper

On the match:

“This match was anything but easy for us, but in the end, we had the quality to win those two points, though we made many mistakes in attack. In crunch time, we were stronger, had more power and took a deserved win.”

On the next match against Norway:

“Both teams are on a fully equal level, we know each other very well, and it is fully open.”

Fredric Pettersson (SWE) – line player

On the match:

“It was a really good, hard and physical game. We did all we can in defence, we should continue like this.”

Alfred Gislason (ISL) – coach, Germany

On the match:

“I am proud of my team, we tried everything, we showed a great character. Sweden were the big favourites, but still we were in the game until minute 45. I am happy with our defence, and except the last minutes, the attack was also good. We lost the power in the end, we looked tired, Sweden could bring fresh players from the bench and they deserved to win.”

On the many mistakes:

“I was extremely angry with those mistakes, we played a great defence in the whole match but then we gave the balls away in attack, we had so many missed passes. I counted at least four long-distance passes, directly caught by Sweden.”

Lukas Zerbe (GER) – right wing

On the reason for the loss:

“We played well for 50 minutes, then we made too many mistakes, this is the reason for the defeat. In general, we showed a great team spirit, but it was not enough, as little things decided this match.”

Lukas Stutzke (GER) – left back

On the reason for the loss:

“We lacked the power in attack, and we did not get in our flow. We have a good team despite all those players ruled out, but it was not enough today.”

Johannes Bitter (GER) - goalkeeper

On the defeat:

“The match was a huge fight from both sides, we gave all we have, but you know that this team cannot fit together as a usual team due to all those changes. In the end, we lost because of the high number of technical mistakes and missed passes in the second half.”


Spain vs Norway 23:27

Bratislava, 23 January – Quotes from Norway coach Christian Berge (NOR), centre back Vetle Aga Eck (NOR), left back Erik Thorsteinsen Toft (NOR), centre back Christian O’Sullivan (NOR) and goalkeeper Kristian Saeveraas (NOR), and Spain goalkeeper Rodrigo Corrales (ESP) and line player Gedeon Guardiola (ESP), after Norway beat Spain 27:23 in main round group II in Bratislava on Sunday.

Christian Berge (NOR) – coach

On the victory:

“It was a good game from our side, especially from defence and goalkeepers. We had some problems in attack, still we could win the match. It was the first victory against them after a long time we have not beaten Spain. But this game is history now, we have a decisive game against Sweden ahead. After the defeat against Russia we managed to climb some steps up, we have a decent level now.”

On facing his former assistant and current Swedish coach Glen Solberg on Tuesday:

“Before the EURO we talked often and were in contact, but now during the tournament it was quiet. After the match of course we will be speaking.”

Vetle Aga Eck (NOR) - centre back

On the match:

“History is fun to look at it, but this was one game for us. This victory brings us in a good position, as now we have everything in our hands against Sweden. We forced Spain to make more mistakes than they forced us. We executed the game plan exactly the way we wanted to do. The match against our neighbours Sweden will be really exciting.”

Erik Thorsteinsen Toft (NOR) – left back

On the match:

“It was a perfect match for us. This 24 years since the last victory against Spain was big for media, but we did not have it in our heads during the match. We only wanted to win. The defence and our goalkeeper were brilliant today. For me personally, this tournament is perfect. I have much more time on court than I had expected, and I could constantly improve in this great group of players.”

Christian O’Sullivan (NOR) – centre back

On the victory:

“After eight defeats, I took my first ever win against Spain, this is a great moment. I am sure that we deserved to win. We defended great, and we managed to avoid mistakes in attack, as we really played patient. It was our major task to avoid those Spanish counter-attacks, as in those they are the best in the world.

“We were almost constantly ahead by two to four goals, and when Spain had reduced the gap to only one goal, we immediately struck back. But of course our pulse was high in the last minutes – but we caused less mistakes than before.”

On the crucial match against Sweden for the semi-final:

“Sweden have a young, very strong team, they are a top nation, and they showed at the Olympic Games and the last World Championship what they are capable of against us. If will really be tough – and of course it will be something special to face Glen Solberg, our former assistant coach in Norway. We have total respect for Sweden.”

Kristian Saeveraas (NOR) – goalkeeper

On his performance:

“The defence help me so much. When I came in and immediately saved the first shot, I was in the flow, and then it was working very well. After 24 years, our dream came true, it was a brilliant experience.”

Rodrigo Corrales (ESP) – goalkeeper

On the first EHF EURO defeat in four years:

“It is a sad day for us – but when you are unbeaten for four years and have such a long series of victories, this shows the great level of Spanish handball. Of course, we all did not want this to happen tonight, but we played against Norway, one of the best teams in the world. They definitely deserved to win, as they caused so many difficulties to us. In addition, we had some injuries during the match, so we did not find our pace.”

On their chances of proceeding to the semi-finals:

“We still have everything in our hands. One win or even a draw is enough to reach our major goal, the semi-finals. We still can make it, and of course we still believe in ourselves.”

Gedeon Guardola (ESP) – line player

On their hopes for the semi-final:

“We know we have a second opportunity against Poland on Tuesday. We just have to forget this defeat against Norway and concentrate 100 per cent on Poland.”

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