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Kadetten stamp first triumph

EHF / Tiago Nogueira

With the game of cat and mouse marking the beginning of the match, the secret for the Swiss team to get ahead appeared in the eleventh minute. Kadetten Schaffhausen got an unbelievable 12:3 run in 19 minutes until half time.

In this way, the Swiss side never gave up the advantage in the match and got its first victory in Group D.


Kadetten Schaffhausen (SUI) vs AEK Athens (GRE) 30:26 (18:10)

  • the Swiss team got an incredible run (12:3) in the first half
  • Kristian Pilipovic collected 16 saves during the game (42 shots/38.10% save ratio)
  • Samuel Zehnder scored ten goals for Schaffhausen
  • Mylonas scored seven times for AEK Athens
  • Kadetten Schaffhausen stamped the first victory in Group D and was now with the same points (four) as the AEK Athens

Zehnder, talent is ageless

Samuel Zehnder doesn’t stop surprising. This young protege had a fabulous night and demonstrated that age is just a number and talent and confidence always speak louder. One more time. Zehnder already has 35 goals in the five rounds of Group D.


We came here with good confidence. But then we had a really disastrous first half. The gap was really big. Now we have to analyze the game to do better next week.
Dimitris Dimitroulias
Head Coach, AEK Athens

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