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Netherlands seal clear win against Greece

EHF / Adrian Costeiu

The Netherlands took the lead early against Greece and never looked back, earning one of their biggest ever wins in the EHF EURO Qualification Phase 2, 35:14


Greece vs Netherlands 14:35 (6:21)

  • there was no question about the winning team, after the Dutch side started the game with a 9:2 run
  • Greece scored only six goals in the first half, their worst outing in the Qualification Phase for the EHF EURO since a five-goal outing in May 2020, against Spain
  • Greek centre back Maria Chatziparasidou was her team’s top scorer with three goals, after adding three of Greece’s ten goals against Germany on Wednesday
  • the Dutch side have won all three games against Greece in their history, by an average of 21 goals per game, as the Greek side is now bottom in the group, with a goal difference of -47 goals
  • the Netherlands will face Germany in a doubleheader next March, with the two sides battling it out for the top place in the group

Attacking mentality lifts Dutch past Greek side

After scoring 38 goals in their first game of the group against Belarus, the Netherlands picked up where they left off against Greece in another dominating performance.

Despite a coaching change, with Monique Tijsterman serving as the interim coach after Emmanuel Mayonnade’s departure, the Dutch side stayed true to its roots and displayed another great attacking game. They have the best attack in the Qualification Phase 2 after two rounds, with 73 goals scored in two games, before a doubleheader against Germany in March 2022.

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