20211130 ELM Nimes Tatabanya 6
EHF European League

Nimes win defensive battle against Tatabanya

EHF / Tiago Nogueira

The huge balance throughout the game is the most prominent storyline. Defenses sputtered the attacks in this game with both goalkeepers on fire.

But with the precious help of Mathieu Salou (seven goals, four of them in the last 8 minutes), the French side stamped another triumph in the EHF European League and have now seven points in Group D.


USAM Nimes (FRA) vs Tatabanya KC (HUN) 24:22 (11:9)

  • the French side collected their third win in Group D and joins the top
  • this is the fourth defeat for Tatabanya KC in Group D
  • defensive processes were highly effective throughout the game
  • Goalkeeper Teodor Paul was crucial to the Nimes victory, making 14 saves (37 shots/37.84% save ratio)
  • Sanad scored ten goals for Nimes, Sunajko five times for Tatabanya

Desbonnet? USAM Nimes also have Paul

Teodor Paul took the place of Remi Desbonnet and couldn't have done better. The Slovak goalkeeper built a wall, made 14 saves, and is a reason for the French victory, also based on the great effectiveness of the duo Sanad-Salou.

It was a real collective performance tonight. It was a chance to have brave players, I am happy of what we did. Tatabanya succeeded to change the game at the beginning of the second half-time but Teo was amazing and made six stops in the last minutes.
Franck Maurice
Head Coach, USAM Nimes

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