EHF Master Plan

The master plan is based on seven pillars representing the different areas of the sport that will be addressed in the strategic plan. These pillars are represented by the seven playing positions on the handball court, with each player bringing their own strengths, skills and tasks to the team.

Centre back 

The game: player environment, technology use for officials and fans, rules & regulations, competition structures.

Left back

Highlight events: hosting standards, entertainment, highest standards of TV production to ensure best possible coverage for viewers, legacy for the hosting countries, strengthen the presence of handball at major multi-sport events.

Right back

Fan appeal: digital marketing to engage with more fans beyond EHF channels, entertain and make the game more attractive through engaging content, channel strategy, rights distribution to maximise reach, EHF website with all content on one platform, EHF app.

Left wing

Grassroots growth: life-long handball, youth handball, handball workforce to create more opportunities for officiating and volunteering, be a truly pan-European sport through development of handball in key markets.

Line player

Strengthening networks: provide stakeholders with resources and expertise to deliver growth, share best practice and pass knowledge from event organiser to organiser, develop the knowledge, skills and expertise of the handball workforce, improve interaction, cooperation & partnerships with external institutions.


Good governance: democracy and transparent organisation, integrity and high ethical standards, heritage and sustainability through sport & CSR programmes

Right wing

Commercial success: EHF partner programme, higher revenues from ticketing and hospitality, new business activities and funding opportunities, increase revenue from media and marketing rights

European Handball Master Plan Interim Report

Handball Master Plan Interim Report 936.9 kB