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The ebt Season 2023/2024 starts on the 1st of December 2023 and ends 31st of October 2024.


Teams qualify by good performance (the best 3 results) for the EHF-approved final tournament of the European Beach Tour. This final tournament will take place at the opening of the following European Beach Tour.

In case of more teams with the same points, the ranking will be fixed through the evaluation of the best-ranking positions in the three (3) tournaments examined.


the first 12 nations are eligible to qualify. If the first-ranked team of a nation does not use its participation right, the second( or third) ranked team of this nation, which has sent its registration will be selected.

If less than 12 nations apply, the next ranked (according to the ebt ranking) of any nation that provided a registration for the ebt Finals will be selected.

One nation cannot have more than 3 participants in the same tournament, even considering the defending champions and the wildcard for the organizers.


One wildcard team in both the men’s and women’s competitions is designated to the hosting organiser.

Reign Champions:

Defending Champions are automatically qualified but need to register within the given deadline.

For the season 2023/2024 the following week is defined as national team week: 24 to 30 June 2024.

In this period indicted no ebt tournament shall take place.


The EHF Beach Handball Commission decided to have a 2-way-calculation as off the season 2013/14.

The points for the criteria

  • live-streaming
  • number of foreign teams

will not be added the tournament points until the realization of these criteria are confirmed by the EHF Office and the ebt observer.

This shall give teams a clear picture of the basic tournament points and the points that could be awarded afterwards.

National observers are nominated by their respective national federation. The nomination of national observers for a tournament is done directly by the respective federation in case of need. Only national observers from the own country can be nominated.

If your country has no national observer in the list, this means your fedeation has not nominated any national observer by the beginning of the season. 

Please note, that a national observer can only be a head delegate of a touranment, if there is no EHF delegate present at same tournament.

The task of the ebt observer (national observer or EHF delegate) is to check the given criteria, check the draw of groups according to the ebt final ranking of the previous season and to enter the complete tournament ranking (3 days after the end of the tournament at the latest).

The organiser has the task to prove the given criteria to the ebt observer (if necessary) and to provide the ebt observer with the complete ranking of the tournament (in electronic form) on the spot. Any violation by the organiser (and/or by the teams) which might lead to sanctions has to be reported to the EHF Office.

The ebt observer is not allowed to be involved in the tournament in any other function (players, team officials, volunteers, co-organisers).

The nomination of an ebt observer (EHF delegate or national observer) is obligatory for registering as an ebt tournament. In case of a late cancellation or no show upon the start of the tournament the EHF Office ( shall be contacted immediatley.



Each head delegate must send an obligatory written report with details and photos of the tournament criteria (e.g. organiser points) within three (3) days after the end of the tournament. The results and final organiser points will only be published on the ebt website after the delegate’s report is received and checked by the EHF Office.

It is necessary to have an ebt observer (either EHF beach handball delegate or national observer) participating in the tournament. For nominating an EHF Beach Handball delegate you gain 20 points.

For those nations who might not be able to nominate EHF delegates a national observer from the own country can be nominated.

Each ebt tournament needs either an EHF beach handball delegate or a national observer to be accepted as an ebt tournament.



In case of the presence of national observers and EHF delegates at the same tournament, the head delegate of the tournament must be chosen among the EHF officials.
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